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Doug Gottlieb Watched the Same Game I Watched

In the post mortem I typed about how Hamilton seemed to take better shots and showed more patience the longer he was in the ballgame.

When it was apparent he wasn't going to be pulled (70% from the field buys a player a ton of credibility) not only did Jordan take better shots but he even started deferring his offense and creating for other players. Doug Gottlieb hits on this point and uses a play that's a perfect illustration of this phenomena. If you know you're not coming out of ballgame, there's no need to press.

You can be patient and let the game come to you. Hell, you might even drop a dime or two.

Doug's point about Balbay and our pseudo one man zone vs. James Anderson was discussed in the post mortem as well.

It's good to get an informed, objective view point on these matters. And former Oklahoma State Cowboy Doug Gottlieb is exactly that. Now it's just a matter of fostering this same feeling for Jordan game in and game out.