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Lew Perkins Makes Almost As Much As Mack Brown

Perkins is the Kansas Athletics Director, and the Kansas City Stars reports that thanks to a one-time retention bonus, Pekins made 4.4 million in 2009.

Most of the bonus came from Kansas Athletics Inc a non-profit corporation that oversees University Athletics. Only about $200,000 of his 2009 compensation came from state funds. Perkins has been at Kansas for 7 years. Kansas has a basketball national championship and a BCS bowl appearance in that time. Perkins fired football coach Mark Mangino this past season and hired Turner Gill as his replacement.

Perkins, shown here with Gale Sayers, oversees a Kansas athletics budget that reported revenues of just over $70 million in the academic year of 2008-09, and turned a profit of just under $5 million.

Kansas says Perkins compensation for 2010 will be just over $900,000 which will make him the second-highest paid AD, behind behind Jeremy Foley of the University of Florida. Foley has been at Florida for 18 years, and oversees an athletics program that had revenues of $101 million in 2008-09 with a little under $8 million in profit.

Texas Athletics Director Deloss Dodds is schedule to make $752,000 this year.

Under Dodds leadership, Texas reported over $138 million in revenue for 2008-09 with just under $113 million in expenses.

Dodds has been Athletics Director at Texas for 29 years, and for those wondering how much longer he might be at UT, he has an an after-tax $750,000 annuity payment due in 2011 that would bring his compensation to almost $1.4 million for the year.

As salaries escalate across the board in major college sports programs, you will see more attempts at broadening revenue streams, such as expanding the NCAA basketball tournament to 96 teams, and you will inevitably see further downsizing in D-1 football.