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Quick Thoughts on the Spring Game

I'm working off the one live viewing so this will hardly be exhaustive.

  Or thorough.  Or spellchecked.  Hey if every post was good we'd have to charge.

Gorgeous day for football and the game was generally well attended.  I have no idea how to estimate such things so I won't insult you by making up a number. 


Get ready for a slew of mindless predictions of mediocrity based on the rationale that "you don't lose your legendary QB and not miss a beat", blah, blah.  Meanwhile Garrett Gilbert looks fantastic.  Good pocket presence, strength and accuracy to all fields and unlike in the NCG, he's now doing a great job going through his progressions.  That's leading to some nice intermediate receptions including the touchdown to Williams, torching something called Mark Fisher at safety. 

Brock Fitzhenry caught a pass, completely justifying his scholarship.  He later became the first ever ball carrier to be called for a block in the back on a kickoff return.  Speaking of which the opening kick was returned and you can rest assured that's attributable only to Williams' superior athletic ability and not at all to our continuing coverage issues.  Definitely.

We exhibited significantly more sanity in blocking schemes than we've seen in recent years and the results were a solid if not spectacular ground game.  All of our backs are interesting and serviceable.  I don't see a game breaker among them but they're certainly not a team weakness.  We're waiting for that special talent.  Whenever you're ready Malcolm Brown.  

I've had concerns about AJ White but I really liked what I saw today.  He played extensively and was solid in coverage and not contact averse in run support.  He nearly got trucked by Chris Whaley on one play but showed no fear throwing his body around and coming up with the stop.  It's a little ridiculous to lose a talent like Earl Thomas and still expect the secondary to be the strength of your defense.  They will be.  Kenny Vacarro is an elite talent, crushing a ball carrier like they were a mouthy law student.  He later almost came up with the play of the day, stepping in front of a Gilbert pass and just about coming up with it.  He needs to be on the field.

Okafor had a sack of Wood as far as I'm concerned.  Keeston Randall shot through the middle for another.   He'll be more than serviceable.  We could use more depth inside there and obviously we've got a bunch of interesting options coming.  I didn't notice either Acho today.  Held out?  Quiet day?  Poor observation on my part?  Beats me.   Should a guy ostensibly covering the Spring Game for you have a better answer?  Unquestionably.  Direct all complaints to Sailor Ripley and he'll personally give you a hundred dollars along with an autographed photo of ScipioTex's junk.  I'm almost positive.

I don't see a back-up quarterback.  Harris' passes were generally errant including one successfully avoided by Texas Pom.  Don't sweat it Sherrod, they've been doing the same to me for years.  Neither McCoy or Wood had much time or opportunity to show anything.  Still if Gilbert's healthy this team goes a long way.  He showed good chemistry with Desean Hales today and that's an excellent sign as Hales is obviously a game breaker hisownself.  And all this without Goodson.  Defensively we'll be excellent in the secondary and very good in the front seven.  I like us to win the conference.