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Is the Rebel Alliance alive?

Buried in Ted Miller's ESPN article on CU to the PAC 10 is this nugget.

The new conference would be split into divisions with Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado forming an Eastern Division with Arizona and Arizona State opposite the former Pac-8 (USC, UCLA, Stanford, California, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington and Washington State) in the Western Division.

The coach said it's possible the Pac-16 would push for two automatic bids to the BCS, one for each division champion. That potential bonanza could open the possibility of the two division champs from one league playing for the national title, and it would eliminate the need for a conference championship game.

"The Pac-10 doesn't believe in a championship game," the coach said. "And coaches in the Big 12 don't like it anyway."

Is this a signal that the fleeing members of the Big XII will have some autonomy under a new regime? Will the PAC East's offices be in Dallas? We will be greeting our old colleague and new Deputy Commissioner Weiberg?

And most importantly, is this how Deloss Dodds keeps his Longhorn Sports Network alive?

Isn't conference realignment fun? Is this a record for question marks in a 100 word post?

It is better than checking Astros box scores at least.