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Kevin Durant Just Got Paid

While Lebron James is creating a primetime special called The Decision (I suggest this as his new NBA nickname, a counterpoint to Allen Iverson's The Answer) to announce his future NBA team (hosted by Stuart Scott, so I expect a quiet, understated affair), Kevin Durant quietly signed a 5 year, 86 million dollar extension to continue playing for the micro-market Oklahoma City Thunder.

There is no opt-out clause and the Thunder own his rights through 2015-2016.

Oklahoma City is the smallest market in the NBA. Kevin Durant, NY Knick, would be on your television more than Oprah. Why would Durant pass up the attention, publicity, adulation, courtship, and endorsement opportunities afforded by a free agent roadshow to the nation's great cities?

Because he's Kevin Durant.

It's about teammates, it's about loyalty, the opportunity to build a legacy that is new.

Love the guy.