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Oh. My. GOD.

This Longhorn co-ed sums it up nicely.

It's the gif that keep on giving.



It is the new Torbush.

A few observations:

- Note the thousand yard stare in her blue eyes. An innocent was lost that day. Like Willem Dafoe in Platoon.

- Each strike of her open palm on her temple is perfectly timed to her verbal entreaty to our Savior. Oh. MY. GOD.

- At the end of calling upon our Lord for succor, she gazes to the Godzillatron to see who lost contain.

(making finger tent) Yes. Yes! Now you know what is to suffer. USE THIS PAIN. USE IT!

- Before the play, she had remarked to a neighbor "Our offense is an inchoate grab-bag of misaligned parts. UCLA is laughing at us from their two deep, man-under. And Glee is the best show on television!"

- Her boyfriend, not pictured, left earlier when he offered that he might go hang out in the club level since Texas wasn't going to win. She responded sweetly, "Do what you need to do, fairy-boy" and then, pointing at her Longhorn cheek decal, proclaimed "These colors don't run!" Then she made him carry her purse.

Silver lining: the greatness of Texas is demonstrated by the fact that a girl this cute cares this much about football.

For that, we can all be thankful.