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A Case Of QB Controversy

No, not really but Mack says he's going to get some snaps for Case McCoy.

I realize we've all been looking at Mack quotes and picking every last nit off of them and as Scipio pointed out it's not really fair. However, this passage bothers me a bit for all the usual reasons.

Now Brown is trying to figure out how to get the younger McCoy some time without damaging the psyche of his sophomore starter or sending what he calls the "wrong message" to the team.

"You're in a little bit of a bind that you don't want to send a message to your players that you've quit and it's all about next year," Brown said. "That's not fair to your seniors and, in my estimation, it's also not fair to your team. If you say, `OK, we don't care about the rest of the year,' that is a huge message to them.

There's a lot of real crucial decisions you have to make now," added Brown, who did acknowledge that a decision must be made soon on getting McCoy some snaps. "I have to watch real carefully how I make them and what I do with them because I do know that every player and coach is watching very closely."

The whole passage sends a wimpy vibe. I'd rather him not discuss it other than behind closed locker room doors. Go get it done, Mack. That's your job.

First, if Gilbert's psyche was going to be damaged, it would have already already happened. Putting him in this offense has violated at least three of the four treaties of the Geneva Conventions.

Second, I do believe that Garrett Gilbert can be a really good QB, if he is aided by scheme and players around him. We've seen some great throws and some real toughness. That said, he has simply not played well at times, with the nadir being our usual K State travesty. It's a bottom line deal, irrespective of whose fault it is. Getting the best guy out there and trying to win sends a good message about the rest of this year. Having a back up get a shot if the starter isn't getting it done sends a clear message about accountability, about playing to a standard.

Lastly, worrying about sending the team a bad message about not playing for this year may be academic. They haven't seemed full of fire for a while.

The question I have for the recruitniks and analysts is, "Is Case McCoy any good?" It's possible he may not present a better shot to win this or any year. Certainly, most had no inkling of what Colt would accomplish but what do the tea leaves show for McCoy The Younger? And whither Connor Wood?

What do you all think? Would you like McCoy's appearance to be scripted or ad hoc? How much rope do you give him? What if Gilbert comes out on fire and we somehow go against type and create a bunch of great plays and get a lead?

I wish them both well. Let's go get our annual mindfreak on the shitbird and his Pokes.