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A few things.


Just finished reading Death To The BCS, which is definitely a must read for any college football fan. It's certainly a screed, but goes to great lengths to demonstrate why a scorched earth policy is precisely what is required.

Dan Wetzel, who will be joining us on the podcast soon, is joined by his fellow Yahoo Sports writers Josh Peter and Jeff Passan who have been calling bullshit on stuff at Yahoo for years now (BALCO, Reggie Bush, BCS). You can read about these guys here. Here are a few reviews. Scipio will have his review of the book up soon, after I mention this to him at dinner tonight.


Raging Roy Kramer takes on Mad Dog Matthew Sanderson with Jeremy Schaap as Michael Buffer.

The symposium featured a special lunchtime program during which Roy Kramer, Former Commissioner of the SEC and Founder of the BCS and Matthew Sanderson, Executive Director of PlayoffPAC, a federal political action committee dedicated to the establishment of postseason championship for college football, discussed postseason football, the BCS and the National Championship. Jeremy Schaap of ESPN moderated the session.

This video is worth watching. It's a bit too long, not a true debate and allows Roy Kramer to filibuster about gas stations but it's still worth a glance to watch Sanderson try to combat Kramer's folksy aw shucks-isms with logic and facts.


PlayoffPAC keeps us informed of all the latest news like the Utah Attorney General getting all up in the BCS mess.


Until there is a cure, be sure to check out BCS 101, where SynTex tells you what's up each week and shows you how Boise is in a tough spot w.r.t. Frogs, Ducks and War Eagle.