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Barking Carnival - There Be Dragons

Hello audience. Welcome to where the map ends.

Couple of housekeeping notes.

As always we're going to work hard to provide you with content that is hopefully both entertaining and thought provoking. We're not going to pull punches but we'll try to use our haymakers in ways that elevate the discourse.

We won't suffer fools. Or hysterics. Or trolls.

No, Dan Mullen is not coming here as our OC.

This community is generally among the brightest I've encountered on the web. Let's try to keep it that way.

Trust me none of us are thrilled with Mack Brown right now. Most haven't been for a while.

That said, the quickest way to find yourself banned from here on out is to comment with insight like FUCK MACK BROWN HE'S A PUSSY. If you feel that way, then present your argument in a better way. We're happy to have that debated.

The network is growing like nuts. We've got hundreds of thousands of people washing around FanTake sites. When the crowd gets bigger, so does the dumber. We'll do our best to prune these offshoots.

Lastly, we have upgraded our servers so I hope we won't have as many outages. We've also got a few design tweaks coming soon. More on that soon.

Let this be Sunday's open thread on whatever scuttlebutt is going around.

Hook 'Em!