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Fallout in College Station

Bigger than the news that Case McCoy seized the QB job yesterday with heady play and clutch chain-moving passes thrown under duress from his back foot was the pre-game announcement from Mack Brown during his interview with Zie Spielman und Urbanator:

"Well, this day is already off to a great start with recruiting..."

That sound you heard mid-interview was Sherman falling out of his Barcalounger, sending residual aftershocks throughout the Brazos valley. The recruiting news Mack hinted at was obviously the pre-game commitment of 2012 Brenham High studs, LB Tim Cole and DT Malcom Brown. Until Jesus recently told us otherwise, both were thought to be Aggie locks, floating leisurely down the newly-installed pipeline from Brenham to Bryan in maroon innertubes sipping on 2% umbrella drinks. Ever in denial, A&M fans were left wondering why the Brenham duo committed before the game when the result hadn't even been decided. If Texas didn't win, clearly A&M would re-take the lead for their LOIs, right?

ShermWrong! Wake Up!

Texas' ultimate victory against the Longhorns in the yesterday's game, which as the Aggies know officially counts as a regular season win, only clinched Brown's and Cole's decision to spurn A&M and become Longhorns.

Forget about Case McCoy dominating both the first and second team Longhorn defenses. Or Chris Spielman baiting Urban Meyer at every opportunity during the broadcast to see if the former Gators coach would challenge him to an on-air fight, one Spielman would wrap up quickly because of superior technique and preparation.

And because he wrapped up on the initial tackle.

No, the story of the day was about winning the battle for Brenham and enjoying the spoils of recruiting win while watching Case McCoy highlights later that night on the DVR.

Now, onto the next battle.