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Kevin Durant's Backpack: Coming to a Nike Store Near You

Never one to miss a marketing opportunity, Nike says it will add a backpack to the Kevin Durant collection.

Durant began wearing a backpack to post-game press conferences after a game in Denver when the team was trying to make a quick exit to the airport. Now he shows up after every contest looking like he is late for his Kinesiology class at UT. After a while the burning question among media members was just what exactly is in KD's backpack?

His coach, Scotty Brooks, is pretty sure he knows what isn't in it.

"I know he doesn't have any money in there," Brooks said. "He's never bought a meal in his life. You can guarantee (money's) something he doesn't have."

As for the Nike line, they haven't said what it will look like or how much they will cost, but Kobe Bryant already has a line of backpacks that range in price from $25-$90.

Now for his next trick, Durant will perform something like this wearing a backpack.