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Texas Is The Best Coaching Job In The Country

I think we all know this intuitively.

Go 4-7, launch a cable network with ESPN.

POW. That just happened.

It's the football off-season. This means it's time for people to start ranking things.

Best stadiums.

Best stadium fries.

Hottest cheerleaders.

Hottest cheerleaders in chaps.

texas pom squad

POW. That keeps happening.

Our buddy from SI, Andy Staples, has assailed the top college jobs list this summer and yes, Texas is # 1.

Scipio did this a while back too and while there probably isn't really that much movement, it is interesting to see other people's reasoning and those programs conspicuously left off the list...

Must be the batshit.

That's a double entendre, y'all!

You can see his list here: Ranking college football's 20 most desirable head coaching jobs

1. Texas

Forget the Longhorns' record last year and remember this: If Mack Brown retired tomorrow, the agent for every coach in America would feverishly dial numbers in the 512 area code. Texas has the wealthiest athletic program in America. According to data submitted to the U.S. Department of Education, the Longhorns raked in $461.6 million in revenue the past five school years, including a whopping $143.6 million in the 2009-2010 school year. The numbers will only rise after Texas launches its own TV network. The Longhorns have their annual pick of recruits from the state that produces more BCS conference signees than any state besides Florida, where Florida, Florida State and Miami have jockeyed for top position for decades. Texas essentially runs a major conference. Obviously, the coach at Texas is under tremendous pressure to win, but he has the most tools at his disposal to win big every year.

You can hear him discuss why tOSU is still # 2 among other things on his list:

Oh, and click here for a kick ass picture of Vince Young. And let's be honest, when VY beat Vacated in the Rose Bowl, that's when we ascended.

If you do the Twitter, @andy_staples is a must follow.