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College Football Futures: Texas 25-1 To Win 2011 MNC

That fanciful handicap from BoDog illustrate just how powerful a draw Texas is as a public betting team.

Projecting Texas as the 12th most likely team to win it all in 2011 is an extraordinary testament to the power of brand and perception over substance. Most realistic Longhorn fans are looking at 8-4, but it seems that there are enough Burnt Orange shades out there to support this Dutch style tulip speculation.

Some other lines of interest:

Oklahoma 9/2
Alabama 11/2
Stanford 16/1
TCU 30/1
Oklahoma St 30/1
Texas A&M 40/1
Texas Tech 150/1

By the way, BoDog has also released lines for the NFL. You can get the Packers at 7/1 and I'm digging Detroit as a fun-speculator/Packer hedge at 35/1.

And who doesn't like the Montreal Alouettes at 9/4?