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Dong Augustus: Cruz Wallops Rangers to 2-0 ALCS Lead

This is why the Texas Rangers are going to be so damn hard to beat in the postseason. For one thing, the bullpen is a bottomless well of asphyxiating filth. That Whatasizes narrow Ranger leads and keeps opponents within striking distance. Exhibit A: Game 1, ALCS. Exhibit B: Game 2, ALCS. Collectively: 12.2 scoreless frames, 5 hits 3 walks, 16 M.F. strikeouts. Tonight: Barbara Feldman to Alexi Ogando to Wash Mistake to Neftali Feliz to Mike Adams of Sinton, Texas.

Beats the hell out of working at Sears.

For another thing: this is the deepest lineup in baseball. Nelson Cruz -- the 7-hole hitter -- just hit the first walk-off Dong Augustus in post-season history. And that would be his third dingus of the series.

Motor City bound, up 2-0. Discuss, please.