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Shipley Out Against Missouri

That's a bummer. I'm thinking mild MCL sprain. That's a 2-3 week deal. HOWEVER, I DEFER TO THAT GREAT GOD OF DISCLOSURE HIPAA.

Sedrick Flowers is also out with a shoulder, which explains why we've not seen him getting some snaps.

How does Shipley's loss impact us? Several ways.

1. Shipley + Davis in a 2 WR set means both corners are being credibly threatened. So there's risk bringing up one or both safeties. Now they can handle Davis with a shade and still load up the box essentially telling Goodwin, White, Onyegbule, Grant - prove you can hurt us.

2. Shipley is our niftiest guy in the short passing game, the QB crutch our friend Kafka so dearly loves.

3. Shipley is our best and most reliable receiver overall.

We need all the tools in our belt to take down Mizzou, but if there is a bright side, it's that if this team can adopt a Next Man Up mentality, we're going to be tough to beat as we mature.

4. Anyone else in awe of Jaxon's penmanship? I scrawl like a five year old. His signature is elegant, bold, and tasteful. It says: I will burn your ass on a deep post and then drink a snifter of brandy.