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Texas Longhorns and Ohio State Buckeyes Agree to Home and Home Series in 2022/2023

The Buckeyes and Longhorns will meet again with the Buckeyes heading to DKR in 2022 and the Longhorns to the 'Shoe in 2023.

Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The consummation of Urban Meyer's and Mack Brown's friendship is complete. Not that either of these guys will still be coaching in 10 years, but it's good to have the buckeyes on the schedule again. Both schools pretty much hate eachother after the 2005 / 2006 tete-a-tetes.

And this time the Buckeyes get a 10- year lead time on couch replacement strategies when we steal their hearts, souls, and mullets once again in 4th quarter comeback fashion and Columbus is set ablaze.

Urban Meyer just called a promising second grader from Youngstown to let him know he's been approved for an early offer.

Land Grant Holy Land is ready to do this RIGHT.NOW.

For the next ten years, we shall celebrate scoreboard over all things horsehoey. Longhorns: 2, Buckeyes: 1.