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Texas 21 - Kansas 17: Post Game Sacrificial Thread

Feel like breaking things? Let's talk about it.

same story, different uniform
same story, different uniform

I missed most of the game, thankfully, while in transit from Austin to Houston knowing that if the game played out how I thought it would -- ineptitude in all facets of the game -- that I might put my family at risk while listening to the game on the radio driving 75 mph on 290 with north houston NASCAR impostors. Turned out to be a good decision.

I hit fast-forward on the DVR to the last quarter and struggled between hoping for a loss knowing it might finally trigger some firings / retirements / brass statue forgings, and impulsively pulling for a win because a loss to Kansas in this situation might have far worse implications for the program - and fanbase. Instead I saw a comeback at the hands of Case McCoy (QB controverseh!), enabling yet another full spin cycle from Bellmont that will once again mask some sickening deficiencies on this staff and football team.

James Sims ran wild for 179 yards. The Texas offense cratered except for Johnathan Gray. And the coaching staff looks as lost as ever.

We'll be live-blogging the Mack Brown press conference on Monday and the ensuing fiction from Bill Little as soon as it becomes available.

This is your post game open thread for K. State / TTU (Gus Johnson has already passed out once) and Georgia / Florida.

Because it's nice to watch some real football every once in a while.