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Chaminade Silverswords 86, Texas Longhorns 73: Post-Mortem

The Longhorns lose to a team not even in SBNation's database.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

I kind of mailed in that preview thread. Apparently my copy+paste and proofreading skills leave something to be desired.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one to do some Chaminade mailing in.

Gimme game? Hardly. The Texas Longhorns found themselves down by as many as 18 points to the almighty Chaminade Silverswords. Which had lost to the even almightier Western Washington Vikings in their prior game.

Seriously, even Chaminade's own digital media department can't believe they won. To wit:



I'll leave out the macro implications of the "OMG FIRE RICK BARNES" meme until we have more data points this season, but suffice to say that he's on very rocky terrain with the fanbase. Can you ever imagine Texas football heading to Georgia and losing to the Valdosta St. Blazers? Because that's just what happened to the basketball squad.

A 10-17 assist to turnover ratio. 28 personal fouls resulting in 39 free throw attempts for the Silverswords (which, to their credit, sunk 87%). Outrebounded 33 to 41. And, oh yeah, LOSING BY 18 TO A DIVISION II SCHOOL.

It was Chaminade's 7th win in the tournament. In 83 tries. It's the second time the Silverswords beat Rick Barnes, the first coming when Barnes coached at Providence.

Hey, silver lining: losses to Division II schools don't count in the RPI calculations!

(Because teams that lose to Division II schools aren't expected to make the NCAA Tournament.)

There's plenty of time for Texas to turn around its season, and it begins tonight against the USC Trojans. Give 'em hell, Rick. Because Madame Defarge is halfway through her knitting.