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WVU's Mountaineer Done Killed Hisself a Bear

But it's not the first violent act by a college mascot.

I mean the beeeeeeaaaaaaar necessities, old Mother Nature's recipes...
I mean the beeeeeeaaaaaaar necessities, old Mother Nature's recipes...

A video recently surfaced showing the West Virginia University mascot stalking and killing a black bear with the Mountaineer's signature musket. This is not the first time a college mascot has been involved in controversial acts of violence. Some other famous incidents include:

  • 1989: During the school's traditional pregame spear-planting ceremony, Florida State University's Chief Osceola inadvertently impales and flambés a star-nosed mole.
  • 2003: The University of Missouri's Truman the Tiger mauls and severely disfigures magician Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy during an ill-conceived Las Vegas Bowl promotional event.
  • 2008: In a shocking act of public cannibalism, Syracuse University's Otto the Orange lustily guzzles two full glasses of fresh-squeezed juice in front of dozens of horrified Denny's patrons.
  • 1983-1992: The Notre Dame Leprechaun allegedly masterminds at least twelve bombings in civilian centers of England and Northern Ireland.
  • 1991: Following a victory at the University of Georgia, Michigan State's beloved Sparty vandalizes local Athens businesses with pro-Spartan graffiti, violating a peace treaty negotiated by Theramenes in 404 BC and threatening to ignite a fourth phase of the long-dormant Peloponnesian War.
  • One week each month: A brutal assault by the Alabama Crimson Tide renders the Oregon State Beaver unable to perform.
  • 1946: Despite relentless cross-examination at Nuremburg, Auburn University's War Eagle refuses to accept responsibility for alleged atrocities and insists that it was only following the orders of its superior officers.
  • 1999-2004: Texas Tech's suave, mysterious Red Raider mascot absolutely kills it with the ladies at Lubbock-area TGI Friday's happy hours.
  • 2012: Florida Atlantic University's famed Hopped-Up Cannibal Zombie Hobo mascot does, well, exactly what you'd expect a Hopped-Up Cannibal Zombie Hobo to do.