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Aggie OC Kliff Kingsbury returns to Texas Tech as head coach

Texas Tech has had enough of hired guns as their football coach, they have chosen one of their own to be the head head football coach.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Texas Tech wasted little time in replacing Tommy Tuberville as the Red Raiders turned to former Red Raider QB Kliff Kingsbury.

At 33 he is barely a year older than Darrell Royal was when he took over at Texas, but by then Royal had been head coach at Mississippi State and Washington. Kingsbury has been a full-time coach just since 2009, and all of it under Kevin Sumlin, first at Houston and then this year at Texas A&M.

Recruited by Spike Dykes to Tech, Kingsbury was the first QB to put up XBOX numbers under Mike Leach. Kingsbury passed for over 12,400 yards and 95 touchdowns while in Lubbock and then eventually took his knowledge to Sumlin's staff at Houston. After spending 2008 as a "Quality Control" coach, Kingsbury helped Sumlin and Houston to a 13-1 record in 2011.

Of course he was the OC for Sumlin this year as they turned Johnny Football into Johnny Heisman at Texas A&M.

I thought Chad Morris would be the safe choice here, but this could be a real winner for both Tech and Kingsbury. He no doubt will have time to establish himself, and Tuberville is not leaving the cupboard bare.