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Barking Carnival's Final BlogPoll Ballot: Week 15


Here it is:


  • I won't rank Boise State (despite their #15 ranking in the USA Today poll) because they don't deserve it
  • I kept Texas in the poll out of pure masochism. Actually, if you blind our resume, there's as good an argument for us to be in the back end of the Top 25 as anyone
  • If we ranked out to 28, I'd also have Oklahoma State and Baylor ranked. The Big 12's depth is ridiculous but the marquee teams aren't really that great
  • Nebraska took a tumble and probably should have dropped out altogether after their debacle against Wiscy, but you start running out of legitimate options fairly quickly
  • I think USC was my preseason #1. And they lost 4 of their last 5 games. Amusing