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A Quick Word On John Mackovic & Mack Brown

It has to be said. Care to argue it?

The Texas Longhorns under Mack Brown are now 11-15 (.423 winning percentage) in conference play over the last three years with a 21-16 overall record (.568 winning percentage). Brown is 2-11 against the Top 25 (a .153 winning percentage).

No conference titles, of course. That's not his thing.

Mack's unpopular predecessor, the much-reviled John Mackovic, was fired after a final three year stretch in which his Texas teams went 15-8 in conference play (.652 winning percentage) with a 22-14-1 overall record (.608 winning percentage). During that time, Mackovic was 4-7-1 against the Top 25 (.375 winning percentage).

And Mackovic had two conference titles in those three years.

If you're one of the people that likes to threaten any thought of replacing Mack Brown with the bugbear of John Mackovic (and that's immeasurably stupid to begin with), perhaps you should take a moment and consider what you're actually threatening us with -