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Vince Young Is Looking for A New Team

It looks like the Philadelphia Eagles have decided they would rather have a QB who was out of the NFL in 2011 than Vince Young as their backup for 2012.

Trent Edwards, cut by Buffalo in 2010, signed a one-year free agent contract with the Eagles Thursday.

Edwards spent 3+ season with the Bills where he went 14-19 as a starter and had 26 touchdowns to 30 interceptions. He doesn't fit the Michael Vick mold of a QB and could hardly be expected to run much of a Vick-oriented offense.

Young, who unfortunately labeled Philly as a "Dream Team" in pre-season 2011 (and the Philly press never let him forget it), is not expected to be brought back. During his time replacing an injured Mike Vick, Young led Philly to a win over the New York giants, but he also had 9 interceptions in only 114 pass attempts.

Meanwhile Edwards is expected to battle Mike Kafka for the backup role to Vick.

So where would you like Vince Young to end up?