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Longhorns Spring Practice Report - Day Two: Ash is the man and a sighting at TE

David Ash is QB1.

Case McCoy and Connor Brewer also got first team reps in 7 on 7 action and while they all had encouraging moments, Ash received the bulk of the snaps and executed the offense very well, hooking up with Miles O, Jaxon Shipley, DeSean Hales, and DJ Grant on a variety of routes.

Yes, it's one practice and they're in shells which gives the offense an inherent advantage, but you can look at other things like poise, footwork, timing, and overall confidence to gauge progress from last year. From both public and private practice reports, the consensus seems to be that Ash is in command and won't be battling McCoy for the starter's role week in and out. The more these roles are codified heading into September the better. It lets Ash gain confidence through more repetitions and rather than force himself into a leadership like last year, he can assume that role naturally.

DJ Grant Sighting

Ash hooked up early and often with Grant throughout practice, as the coaches try to work him back into the intermediate and long passing game we briefly saw in Pasadena, when Grant teasingly scored 3 TDs on 6 catches. It appears Darius Terrell, Grant, and McFarland will be Harsin's passing TEs while Matthews is your run blocking guy. We need to see some blocking ability out of McFarland so Harsin can run some two TE power sets. I was surprised to see Greg Daniels move to TE after the progress he was making at tackle but he's out with a torn labrum.

DeSean Hales continues his three year streak of dominating spring drills. Connor Brewer found Hales twice for long gains down the seam, which Harsin seemed intent on attacking all day. Jaxon Shipley is back to his witchy self, making talented DBs look dumb. He's back to 100% and needs to stay there. Mike Davis was also active and despite a lot of offseason rumors that some Skyline influences had Mike second guessing his commitment to the program, he looked fast and focused. Let's hope it translates when the bullets go live. If you're looking for a potential sleeper at WR, it's former Safety Bryant Jackson. There have been only a handful of drops through two practices, a big improvement from last year.

With Adrian Phillips out for the spring, the talented sophopmore quartet of Mykelle Thompson, Sheroid Evans, Leroy Scott, and Josh Turner will all have a chance to lock down a spot, but Thompson is the early favorite to win that role. With Evans' speed, you know Diaz would love to see him emerge somewhere in his base nickel package.

Brown and Bergeron Healed Up

Malcolm Brown and Joe Bergeron split reps at tailback and both looked like the same explosive beasts we saw as freshmen before injuries derailed their seasons. Brown has shed a few pounds of bad weight and looks to have some pop back in his first step.They continue to work DJ Monroe into the misdirection game off end arounds and sweeps. He looks illegally fast, which is maybe why he only gets 6-8 touches per game.

No change in starting OL lineup from yesterday and there's not much to report for these guys until the pads come on. Hughes saw some action at left tackle behind Hawkins. Walters is your vocal leader on offense.

Solid Depth at DT

Moore, Dorsey, Jackson, and Whaley comprise your two deep at the interior tackle positions. Moore is a classic space eater in the Hampton mold but has been very disruptive collapsing pockets. Our interior guards have had their hands full but won the majority of the battles yesterday. Whaley will be moved up and down the line and should really benefit from playing next to wide bodies like Moore and Jackson. Tank has really committed himself to Wylie's workout regimen and is flashing a great first step off the ball with the low pad level that Bo Davis wants.

Whither the Wildcat?

Harsin is still looking for a replacement to run the wildcat since losing Fozzy three plays into the Mizzou game last year on Faurot Field's tendon-snapping turf. Yesterday, Jaxon Shipley and Jeremy HIlls got most of the action but it's still a work in progress.

Specials Teams is Special

Not yet though. Kicking and punting still has a ways to go. We'll do a breakdown on these guys as we get further into spring drills.

Young Buck

Tevin Jackson flashed off the edge quite a bit in the first two days of practice. Diaz has been experimenting with Hicks inside, flanked by speed guys on the edge but Cobbs has been out of practice so Jackson is getting more reps. So far, it's still County Fair: 1 Steve Edmond: 0 but the big guy is battling and doesn't seem hampered by carrying extra weight.The coaches have to tell him to please not injure are prized running backs on a regular basis.

Two guys that have jumped headfirst into Wylie's workouts are Diggs and Vaccaro. Kenny in particular is starting to look like a linebacker but still runs like a safety. Count yourself very lucky to have him back. First-team All American, imo.

2013 Class Keeps Rolling

Texas landed #7 this morning with the commitment of Cypresswood LB Deoundrei Davis and rumors are #8 is already onboard. Jacorey Warrick, holla!