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Big 12 to ESPN "Show Me The Money!"

Apparently the Big 12 is about to realize that there is addition by subtraction. With Texas A&M and Missouri walking out the door this summer, TCU and West Virginia are walking into one sweet media deal. Sports Business Daily is reporting that ESPN is extending its contract with the Big 12 and will pay the league $1.2 Billion between now and 2025.

The ESPN extension -- combined with the Fox contract -- will pay the league $2.5 Billion over the next 13 years. If the Big 12 stays at 10 teams (which with this deal is highly likely) than each program will collect $20 million a year in media revenue. Right now the Pac 12 expects to distribute just over 21 million to each of its members annually.

Next up for ESPN are the SEC and the ACC. Both leagues have expanded to 14 teams and are anxiously awaiting their turn at the ESPN money fountain.

I guess trading a couple of old members for a couple of new ones with BCS bowl experience does pay after all.