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Words That Don't Go Together: SEC + Stricter + Academics + Rules

Weakest confetti party ever.
Weakest confetti party ever.

For your Monday morning consideration ...

Missouri is having to adapt its academic policies to meet the more stringent requirements of the SEC.

No shit.

But it gets better.

MU is now a part of the SEC Academic Consortium, which was created "to advance academic excellence through collaboration of SEC universities".

That's right up there with the Coalition for Civil Liberties in Homs.

Or the Women's Libertarian Party of Kabul.

Are you familiar with the Greater Stillwater MENSA Society?

And Qarth is the greatest city in the world ...



I expect the Aggies to later cite these unexpectedly strict academic standards as the reason for their withdrawal from the SEC.

Let's stop pretending you're a bunch of Vanderbilts, Mike Slive.

All dem BCS crystalz be foggin' da brainz.