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Anthony Fera Update

It's all about the foot. (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
It's all about the foot. (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
Getty Images

From Penn State's 24-7 board:

Little Fera update.

Anthony was at the workout this morning. He will meet with OB sometime today/tomorrow not sure a decision will come from the meeting mainly because he has to finish his summer class which isn't over until next week.

The main reason for the visit to Texas was driven by AF's father. His parents want him to finish things up at Texas. If AF stays at PSU he will be going against his parents wishes. OB is well aware of the circumstances.

OB refers to PSU head coach Bill O'Brien.

That jibes with everything I've heard. Mack offered, Fera's parents are on board, it's up to him. Fera is back in Happy Valley right now, still has summer classes to finish (second summer session ends August 8th), is probably getting a lot of pressure from the community, but we should hear soon enough.

While most of Fera's Penn State teammates are staying, the dam has already cracked on one of Penn State's best.