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SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25: Barking Carnival Ballot Week 3


  • Georgia is playing well without a couple of key defensive starters. Those starters are returning soon and their schedule is incredibly favorable. Looks like a prohibitive favorite to win the SEC EAST if they can get over on Florida in Jacksonville
  • Mississippi State is losing standing every time they win a game and their former opponents play a game. The middle and bottom of the SEC is shaky
  • Speaking of, Wyoming and New Mexico are a combined 1-5 right now with Wyoming losing to juggernaut Cal Poly. Shocking. Am I overestimating Texas?
  • I want to rank Tech and Baylor, but had to choose one. Tech gets the nod, but Baylor gets a chance to state their case against a surprisingly solid UL-Monroe squad
  • The weakness of the ACC and FSU's seemingly legitimate improvement means one of the easiest paths to an undefeated season I've seen in some time
  • I'm amazed that I'm even ranking three Big 10 teams. But I legitimately like Ohio State even though Cal threw them a tremendous scare
  • Gotta love Stanford. And Trojan tears are sweet. Drew was at the game and asked me before it if Stanford had a chance. "Of course not." Good. Good analysis. A rude reminder that tackling and size do matter in college football despite the speed cliches
  • KSU drops mostly because of what others did, not so much their struggles with North Texas. Klein continues to light it up through the air. That does not please me. It's September and that game is already shaping up as the likeliest one point loss ever