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SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25: Week 1


Some thoughts:

  • Iowa - 18, Northern Illinois- 17. Iowa QB James Vandenberg - 21 of 33 for 129 yards. Horizontalism is its own reward
  • Garrett Gilbert's SMU debut was wanting against Baylor. Baylor's offense is absolutely legit
  • Alabama impressed, dismembering Michigan 41-14. While the Crimson Tide were dominant, Michigan was never a legitimate Top 10 team. And the early returns on the Big 10 look terrible
  • I felt good after leaving the Broncos unranked last week. Michigan State didn't play particularly well, and their QB play is brutal, but the Broncos showed that they've taken a step down in overall talent and experience. Overall, I think both teams were overrated though I like Michigan's State's big RB, jumbo TE, and defense. If they can develop the QB, they can be pretty good
  • Wiscy struggled mightily with Northern Iowa. Iowa struggles with N. Illinois. Michigan blown out. Penn State loses to Ohio U. Urban Meyer is going to run that conference
  • Oregon and West Virginia's offensive efficacy blew me away, but their defenses are vulnerable. Oregon-USC will be spectacular. WVU vs. Anyone With An Offense will be supremely entertaining
  • This is the most athletic Notre Dame team that we've seen, at least in the front 7
  • I didn't see any of the OU-UTEP game, but the game recap made me raise an eyebrow
  • Florida struggled with Bowling Green, 27-14
  • Several ranked teams struggled early in their openers, particularly the ones who played an actual FBS school. Savannah State, really Oklahoma State? Really? Why not play Yeshiva?