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Earl. That's all.

Earl walked onto the field at DKR tonight. I hope he gets to do so many more times, but I'm not sure whether or not he will.

What I'm more sure of is that whatever feats of strength, skill and agility our boys produce this year, they won't represent as impressive an achievement for Bennie Wylie as Earl did by walking onto the field under his own power today.

And I'm damn sure that 30 years from now, there's only one detail of this game that I'll remember.

And that was it.

Whatever up and down feelings of excitement, trepidation, joy and angst the 2012 Longhorns inspire in us, we are blessed to cheer for one of college football's most storied and honored programs. As much as our program has been buoyed by great coaching, outstanding resources and fantastic wealth, our legacy was built by the men who donned the Orange and White and fought, bled and sacrificed between the white lines. And no one gave us more or lifted us higher than Earl.

Below, honor him.