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Mike Davis Changes Mind, Will Return for Senior Season

An interesting day in the life of Mike Davis ended with his decision to return to Texas.

Cooper Neill

Hey, Joe Schad! I'm declaring for the NFL Draft.

[Cue best Borat voice]


OK, well that's settled. In case you hadn't heard, Texas Longhorns junior wide receiver Mike Davis will not be declaring for the NFL Draft after all.

He apparently had not informed anyone on the Longhorns coaching staff prior to his "discussion" with ESPN's Joe Schad. After talking with coaches, Davis reversed course and decided to return to the 40 Acres for his senior season. In particular, credit goes to new co-offensive coordinator Darrell Wyatt, who had a heart-to-heart with Davis and apparently convinced him to stay. Recruiting witchcraft and wizardry.

The statement from Davis via Texas media relations:

"I am sorry for any confusion today. I want everyone to know that I'm coming back for my senior year. I'm excited to be getting back with my teammates, Coach Brown and the whole staff when the semester starts up next week. I'm really looking forward to another year as a Longhorn."

Glad you're back, Mike.

And open advice to Longhorns players: next time Joe Schad jumps out of an unmarked van offering you free candy, don't take the bait.