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Chip Kelly: A Man of Conviction

Oregon's Chip Kelly's mating dance with the NFL is apparently back on. Several reports are out that say he will be the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jonathan Ferrey

Chip Kelly is the new coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs -- no wait, he isn't.

Chip Kelly turns down the Cleveland Browns, and then the Philadelphia Eagles -- no wait -- he accepts the Eagles job.

Kelly, the head coach at Oregon for the last four years has been a busy man the past 12 months. After first taking and then rejecting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year, Kelly looked hard at the NFL this season after leading Oregon to its fourth straight BCS Bowl appearance.

Kelly is known to have interviewed with at least three teams after finishing the collegiate season with a 35-17 win over Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl -- Philly, Cleveland and Buffalo. He initially turned down the Eagles, but after the talent pool began to be drained (there were eight head coaching openings this post-season in the NFL), the Eagles circled back to Kelly.

Supposedly he wanted more control over the roster, and used his leverage to get concessions this time around. Kelly was 46-7 at Oregon with three Pac 12 titles in four years. He is expected to incorporate at least a portion his "rush" spread offense into the NFL. New England coach Bill Belichick freely admits to taking some of Kelly's no huddle offense and incorporating it into his system.

It is assumed that Duck offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich will take over the head coaching duties at Oregon.

Ducks quacking here.