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David Ash Ruled Out For Rest of Year; 2014 Longhorn QB Shallows Chart Exposed

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Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

The Longhorns have made official what many had suspected (and hoped for with respect to Ash's health and future in or out of football) -  Longhorn QB David Ash will not return in 2013.

There a few levels to this, obviously:

First, Ash should do what best serves him and his long term health - this is bread and circus - not life and death.  He had a serious concussion(s) and if that makes him reconsider or renders him unable to play the game, thanks for being a class act at Texas.

That written, should Ash return, he'd have a year of eligibility remaining in addition to a medical redshirt year, extending his potential eligibility two years (through 2015).

If Ash doesn't return, the 2014 Longhorns will feature a two man QB depth chart consisting of Sashimi raw project Tyrone Swoopes and true freshman Jerrod Heard. The biggest FBS program in the dead center of a state that accounts for 1/3rd of the starting QBs in the National Football League will roll out a sophomore some project to eventually end up as a tight end and a kid six months removed from the Texas high school playoffs as their entire depth chart at the most important position on the field.  Incredible.

If you want to understand how we got here - and Reason #57 why Mack Brown should be doing studio shows next year, irrespective of how we close out the season - I tackled this issue back in June. Give it a read.

The seeds of the mismanagement were planted years ago and whenever Texas had the chance to correct it, Brown wasn't just negligent - he actively interceded with manipulated coronations and nepotism to prevent it.