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Mack Brown "set to resign", per ESPN

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Reported on the front page of right now.

"I'd be real surprised if it hasn't happened by Friday night with the [Texas] football banquet. I think it will be taken care of. It wouldn't drag on much longer."

Any delay is likely because Joe Jamail is working a trial in Beaumont and that's creating complications around the final package and Mack's future role at Texas.

However, the source said Jamail is participating in a trial in Beaumont, Texas, which has slowed the process, and there are a "lot of logistics" to work out. "Such as when he leaves, what his role will be," the source said. "A myriad of things that have to be worked out."

The source reiterated Brown would not be coaching at Texas in 2014.

Yeah, this thing is done.