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Mack Brown non-committal on job status at Alamo Bowl press conference

Press Conference Mack Brown Mode was engaged this morning in San Antonio where Mack was doing his thing, full of bonhomie and bon mots. Mark Helfrich actually turned to Mack full of childlike wonderment and said "You're really good at this."

Mack was very clear that he wouldn't talk about the "rumors" and said his situation hasn't changed.

He mentioned he'd wait to talk about the whole thing with Steve Patterson and Bill Powers. Powers, who it seems we get to keep at UT (HELLS YEAH), is described as an ally of Mack's but we hear he'll do what's right. And he'll do it right.

Meanwhile, Nick Saban is putting together a Texas Longhorns coaching staff! WEEEEE!!!!!!

Dear Lord this is hilarious. Seems like tomorrow will be a big day.

Oh well, as I've always said, "It is what it is, you are who you are and you take what you do."