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The Big Shootout: The Game Of The Century

And now for something completely different...

Ronald Martinez

A Texas Longhorns team, led by a legend, winning The Game Of The Century.

Check out The Big Shootout. I talked with Mike Looney (one the filmmakers) recently about this project and then screened it. It's pretty damn great.

Spend some time on their site, watch the trailer, look at the pictures, read the reviews. WARNING: Do it when you have some time because it's compelling stuff. I'm hopeful Scip and SRR among others will get a look soon and write about it.

We'll also be hanging with Mike and the filmmakers here on BC soon but I wanted to get this up as Festivus is just around the corner and this could make a great gift for any Longhorn fan.

You can stream it or buy a DVD. See for yourself.

Yekra Player

Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.

The Big Shootout

On December 6th, 1969, in the wintry landscape of Fayetteville, Arkansas, The Texas Longhorns and Arkansas Razorbacks met in what was heralded then and in the decades since as the game of the century. The game coined "The Big Shootout", by Texas coach Darrell Royal, was the brainstorm of television, foreshadowing televised sports’ heavy hand in major sporting events in years to come.