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Vegas Props New Texas Head Coach Odds - Strong, Briles & Franklin early favorites

A sucker and his money are soon parted.

Andy Lyons

This prop bet brought to you by Bovada.

Who will be the next head coach of the Texas Longhorns?

  • Charlie Strong (Louisville): 2/1
  • Art Briles (Baylor): 9/2,
  • James Franklin (Vanderbilt): 5/1
  • Mike Gundy (OK State): 7/1
  • Bill O’Brien (Penn State): 15/2
  • Chip Kelly (Philadelphia Eagles): 10/1
  • Jim Mora (UCLA): 10/1
  • David Shaw (Stanford): 10/1
  • Jimbo Fisher (FSU): 15/1
  • Jim Harbaugh (San Francisco 49ers): 20/1
  • Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers): 20/1

Some quick thoughts:

Bill O'Brien has a 11.5 million dollar buyout.

Chip Kelly is still within the 18 month show-cause from the NCAA.  He also pays street agents, which we consider a bit of no-no.

David Shaw isn't happening unless there's some dramatic change in his relationship with Stanford.