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Mack Brown's attorney, mouthpiece and mentor, Joe Jamail, hangs loss in Waco on Case McCoy

Mack Brown's mouthpiece has been talking. What he's saying tells us more about Brown than him.

Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

Joe Jamail has been talking.  And what he's saying says less about him and more about Mack Brown than UT fans (including me) who would like Brown to go - but still leave with honor and dignity intact - wish to acknowledge.

Kirk Bohls - just one week ago crediting Mack Brown for "one of his finest coaching years" - has sprinted over to the Mack Must Go camp after the loss in Waco.  That's a visionary right there!

Deep breath.  Exhale while death of old media becomes clear.  Moving on...

Anyway, besides enjoying public display of the latent grasp of the obvious, it was his recent call to Mack Brown's irascible billionaire attorney Joe Jamail - that guy who also happens to have a bunch of stuff on campus named after him - that raised some eyebrows, particularly after Jamail's Texas Monthly tantrum where he contrasted UT fans to Al Qaeda.

After Jamail offered a glorious whopper about major programs pursuing Brown this year (remember when Greg Davis was being pursued by the NFL and multiple major programs?), he crossed a line, as revealing of Mack Brown as himself.

Why didn't Mack Brown win in Waco and capitalize on the "Keep Mack" sentiment that Jamail, McCombs and others heroically tried to plant in the media the week before the game?

Case McCoy.

Jamail also spoke to Brown at length Saturday night. "Mack said he was proud of our boys," Jamail said. "You can’t win without a good quarterback, and we don’t have one."

So, let's break this down, shall we?

1.  What Joe Jamail said is harshly, narrowly factual.  Switch QBs with Baylor, and you probably get a different game result.  Now should he be saying it to the press as Mack Brown's anointed public representative, daily confidante, and football muse? And what larger context does it grossly ignore?  Specifically, why is Case McCoy starting at Texas?

2.  Mack Brown was not given his QB depth chart by the QB Depth Chart Fairy.  He earned it in the near term by allowing his OC to run a concussed David Ash into the KSU defense on called draws for an entire half of play when he knew Ash had already sustained a head injury at BYU ( likely obtained/exacerbated doing the same in the 4th quarter while down by three touchdowns in a game already out of reach).

3.  He earned it in the longer term by mismanaging the QB depth chart horribly, not taking enough bodies, anointing Garrett Gilbert, and then driving away better options to transfer or not come at all when they saw Case mysteriously unshakeable on the depth chart despite a practice nickname of "Pick 6."  Basically, doing Mack Brown stuff.  These other QBs may have also noticed Case McCoy's father frequently on the Texas practice field and in the film room with Mack Brown and other Texas coaches acting a tad too chummy and drawn some logical conclusions.  Brown is also responsible for feeding the nonsensical, brain dead media and fan storyline that Case was a special winner imbued with magical gifts of leadership because of his bloodlines.  Not to mention his treatment of the video debacle/mission trip (i.e. post-Spring QB depth chart sulk) - which would have earned a QB named John Smith transfer papers.

4.  Our starting QB is a creation of Mack Brown in every sense of that word.  And if Frankenstein's Monster throttles his creator, it's usually called justice.  I'd just prefer the creator not crash my program in his death throes.  Mack Brown lost in Waco - and three other games this year - because of Mack Brown.

5. Why is Jamail saying this?  Joe Jamail is not speaking as a random billionaire Texas donor here.  He is speaking authoritatively as Mack Brown's selected representative.  His personal attorney.  The guy who negotiated Brown's last extension through 2020 back in 2012 (now even more hilarious in retrospect - thanks for the steeper buyout, DeLoss).  So Mack's personal representative and publicly credited mentor pins the loss in Waco on a single Texas player.  A player that Mack is responsible for having here, and treated with deference and favor for four years.

6.  This is plainly passive-aggressive, gutless bullshit.  I would actually have less of a problem if Mack said in the post-game press conference that we were limited in what we could do in the passing game at QB and that affected the game.  At least Mack is saying the words, owning them like a big boy instead of having his lawyer run the blame game behind the thinnest screen of deniability.

7.  This is eerily reminiscent of how he used Cleve Bryant to do his dirty work.

8.  No retraction or expression of regret from Brown anywhere.  Why? Because Joe Jamail is Mack Brown unfiltered. He didn't originate these ideas.  He's echoing them.  If this was Joe popping off, Brown would be along quickly to clip out his legs and offer a "We all know Grandpa sometimes says non-PC things at the dinner table" explanation.  The silence is deafening.

9.  If Brown is going to continue to go out this way, nuke it from orbit right now.