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Big 12 Tournament: Kansas St. Wildcats 66, Texas Longhorns 49

Texas' Big 12 season ends with a whimper.


I never really had much hope that the Texas Longhorns would win this game, but it's still somewhat depressing to see the season end with a whimper. For what it's worth, head coach Rick Barnes says he expects Texas to receive an invitation to the CBI Tournament. Aim high.

Myck Kabongo picked a bad time to have a(nother) bad game: just 2 points on 0-5 shooting, and 5 turnovers to offset his 7 assists. Jonathan Holmes was the only starter to score in double figures, and he had just 10. Julien Lewis led the team with 13 points overall.

Barnes shook things up by reinserting Cameron Ridley and Sheldon McClellan into the starting lineup. In a combined 34 minutes, the duo had 11 points and 5 rebounds. That's mediocre business.

The bottom line is that the Kansas St. Wildcats are just a better team, even on a night when their offense didn't really look like it flowed. The Wildcats' shooting percentages were just average, which was still volumes better than Texas' horrendous shooting night. The two best players on the court were Rodney McGruder and Angel Rodriguez, with the latter speaking volumes to Kabongo's NBA readiness.

The massive train wreck of a season saw casual fans jump ship a long time ago. But for those that have stuck around, a season review--painful as it may be--is forthcoming. Hook 'em.