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Colt McCoy to speak in support of United States troops

Event is free and open to the public, March 26th at 5pm.

Tom Pennington

Hey Barking Carnival readers, Sarah here once again. Last time y'all heard from me I was talking F-Bombs and fathers as part of Hyundai's Fanthropology contest. This time however, there's a new f-word to focus on: Freedom.

They say that freedom isn't free; that those fighting sacrifice so much in order to fight for liberty. A new student organization on the University of Texas campus was founded on recognizing those efforts. Started in December by three UT sophomores -- as well as former Green Beret, Texas football player, and Disney Spirit award winner Nate Boyer - Caring for Camo organizes and sends letters and care packages to deployed troops.

Boyer recognized the appreciation for these efforts this morning while talking to Bob Cole on KOKE FM, stating that often troops feel forgotten about when they are deployed and receiving something as small as a letter reminds them that are thought about and appreciated. Additionally, even trivial items such as beef jerky and old magazines are luxuries that can help remind troops of home.

This Tuesday, Caring for Camo will be hosting their first major event: Colt Cares. The event is located in the Texas Union Ballroom and will feature Longhorn legend and fellow military supporter, Colt McCoy. And while freedom may not be free, this event is. Everyone is invited to come hang out with Colt McCoy, Nate Boyer, and other notable figures to learn more about supporting the troops.

Doors to the event will open at 4:15pm, with a first-come, first-served basis. Parking is available in the University Co-Op garage located at 2214 San Antonio Street.

Colt Cares is unique and free opportunity to join Colt McCoy in support of our troops; I hope to see y'all out there!

Facebook event site:

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For up-to-date information regarding the event, follow Caring for Camo (@CaringForCamo) and Sarah (SASmith_UT) on Twitter. For more information on Caring for Camo and how you can get involved, please visit