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Quick thoughts and fact checks on Bev Kearney and Texas Longhorns Athletics


Erich Schlegel

Like many of you, I spent some of last night on Twitter watching various people breaking news. It seems to be pretty well smashed up at this point.

Welcome to Bellmont Hall, a cruel but deep money trench where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs.

About that negative side...

As best as I could tell from Twitter last night, Bev Kearney and her attorney, Derek A. Howard, had the Bellmont gang on the run. Bev and Derek were promising to name names (Austin blacklist!) of the myriad sexual predators prowling the catacombs under DKR.

They were aggrieved, scorned and vengeful and there would be hell to pay as she had also been treated for her infractions differently than Major Applewhite (who does appear to be one of the whitest heterosexuals on the planet) had been treated for his and due to this discrimination, she would have her day in court.

Or, alternatively, there would be a windfall delivered by settling with UT rather than pursuing the lawsuit they had filed against Texas.

Only one problem.

There isn't any lawsuit.

SOURCES! tell me this is the case. I spent some time today talking to a variety of very important people (attorneys, gangsters, blacksmiths) and while I can't say there won't be a lawsuit at some point, at this point there simply isn't one.

It looks to me like team Bev tried to whip the media into a frenzy last night (success!), possibly pitting a few of the entities against each other, in the hopes that the pain would be great enough that Longhorns Inc. would dig into the couch cushions and toss a few shekels her way to drop this whole thing.

Bellmont and Patti Ohlendorf, it seems, like their collective hand. They don't seem to be really worried about a lawsuit, probably for the same reason one hasn't already been filed - it may be without merit.

1. Cleve Bryant was doing things that once surfaced led to his firing.

2. Major Applewhite had a transgression with a student trainer.

3. Bev Kearney had a long relationship with an athlete she coached.

I'm not moralizing about any of this. I'm just positing that in Bellmont's view, they handled each situation properly and with alacrity. # 3 isn't coming back to destroy anything because of the way # 1 and # 2 were handled, in their view.

It seems Bev Kearney and her attorney know that.

Bill Powers has had an interesting couple of years and we don't know how that will eventuate. DeLoss Dodds is going to work till he's ready to split.

It does not seem likley that Bev Kearney is likely to have much say in either of those timelines or outcomes.