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Full Circle - cuppycup rejoins Barking Carnival

Texas Fight! And it's goodbye to A&M.


You can do better than that.

I said HOWDY!

My name is cuppycup and I am thrilled to be joining this SB Nation blog with Scipio Tex and, presumably, a bunch of other people. I started my blogging career right here on Barking Carnival so I was excited to wake up this morning and learn I'd been reassigned from the Good Bull Hunting Aggie aggy blog. My official role here at BC will be "Traditions Officer" but I will also be writing a series of Reggie McNeal vs. Vince Young retrospectives that I think you'll enjoy.

Don't let my A&M education cloud your judgments of me. Rick Perry has shown that members of rival schools can work harmoniously together, whether it's on a Board of Regents or a sports blog. Johnny Manziel has proven that Aggies can be loyal Longhorn fans. While I do not hold any degrees from the University of Texas, I understand this is encouraged here. Like most Aggies, I already own a tremendous amount of Longhorn merchandise. I just need some horn glue.

Below, please find a summary of my qualifications to write for BC:

  • I live in Texas.
  • I am growing a beard to parallel my rugged writing style.
  • The Longhorn Network is not available in my area, but I want it.

I am looking forward to whooping it up over here and adding a much needed agricultural slant to the writing and GIFing. BC is a young blog but I know we have a bright future. We're working on bringing in some wonderful writers in 2016.