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University of Texas Board of Regents to turn over all documents to the legislature

The UT-System Board of Regents Thursday sent a peace offering to the Texas Legislature as they voted on two different issues.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Peace is at hand -- for now.

The UT-Systems Board of Regents Thursday backed away from a direct confrontation with the Texas Legislature while also applying a band aid to an internal scar as well.

The Regents voted unanimously to comply with the information request from the Legislature, thus avoiding an open records fight. Regent Chairman Gene Powell had angered members of the Legislature last week when he has asked the State Attorney General Greg Abbott if he could withhold some of the emails and documents requested because it could impair attorney-client privilege.

The Board had decided on a 4-3 vote earlier to authorize an outside review of a forgivable loan program run through the UT-Law Foundation when current UT President William Powers was Law Dean. The program was the subject of an internal investigation and has been discontinued. The call for a new investigation was seen as a direct shot at President Powers and several members of the Board of Regents viewed it as expensive and counterproductive.

Thursday, again by a unanimous vote, the Regents decided to ask Attorney General Abbott to simply conduct a review of the previous investigation.

Still out there is Senate Bill 15, which would place several restrictions on the power of the Board of Regents.