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Mike Rice & Rutgers Player Abuse Video

Bobby Knight was a sweetheart.


There's a line between old school, getting a player's attention, and player abuse. Rutgers head coach Mike Rice crossed that line.

Check the video:

You won't be surprised to learn that Rice is 44-51 in his three years at Rutgers. And that he has never coached Latrell Sprewell. Supposedly, the clips above aren't just representative of his worst incidents over three years, but are reflective of a much larger body of work.

And there is a tangential Texas connection...

Eric Murdock, the former Rick Barnes standout at Providence, was the primary whistleblower in bringing Rice's irresponsible betrayal of the coach-athlete relationship to light. Murdock - a Central New Jersey high school legend and 9 year NBA veteran - was let go from Rice's staff for "insubordination" not long after reporting Rice to AD Tim Pernetti. Rice was eventually fined and suspended, but kept his job and - Murdock contends - went after Murdock in retaliation. Murdock isn't happy about it. And as a result, Rutgers will probably need to clean house on more than just their head coach.

I had to laugh when I noticed that one of the miscreants on wikipedia added this little nugget to Rice's page:

Rice is also a known advocate of Chris Brown music.