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Bob Shipley Joins Texas Longhorns Football Staff

Texas continues to build out its recruiting and football staff.

Sarah Glenn

Bob Shipley has joined the fold as a football analyst in our newly established personnel department. Did you know he used to room with...

My quick react:

  • Shipley is Mack's idea
  • This is a part of a continued build-out on associated recruiting staff and quality control under recent player personnel hire Patrick Suddes, an area in which the Horns were trailing our peers, and Nick Saban and others had long ago defined the space
  • Shipley is well-respected by high school coaching peers and part of his job will be cultivating those relationships
  • I have no zero insight into his ability to evaluate players or offer useful football scouting metric analysis in--program, which is the primary value of building out a broader football personnel or analytics staff, but I suspect the former competency will be higher than the latter
  • This hire does little to challenge Mack Brown's comfort zone and runs some risk of cocooning him further with "friends of Mack" - sort of missing the point of these shadow staffs altogether
  • He's not moving to Austin with the understanding that he'll only do this for one year. Read into that what you will
Your thoughts?