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NFL Draft: Kenny Vaccaro Carries on Texas DBU Tradition

Defensive Back University marches on.

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The NFL draft begins this Thursday (7:00 pm CST) and Kenny Vaccaro will be in New York City to carry on the Longhorn DBU tradition with a first round selection - likely falling somewhere between picks 15 and 22.

As for DBU's recent history, an interesting fact from

Since assistant head coach/defensive backs coach Duane Akina arrived in 2001, 11 of his 12 starting cornerbacks have gone on to play in the NFL, with five having been first-round picks. Texas currently has the most defensive backs in the NFL of any Big 12 school with 11 total.

11 of 12 starting cornerbacks is a pretty compelling statistic - and I have a feeling it may just be bandied about from time to time on the recruiting trail. But the history of DBU predates Akina's outstanding record of talent development.

Before Akina's time in Austin, Texas churned out greats through the 1970s and 1990s like Raymond Clayborn, Johnnie Johnson, Ricky Churchman, Derrick Hatchett, Jerry Gray, Stanley Richard, and Bryant Westbrook.

Vaccaro will be Mack Brown's 16th 1st round draft pick since arriving in Austin.

Given the current DB flock on campus, I don't expect DBU to slow down anytime soon.