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Texas & The 2013 NFL Draft - How Do We Compare?

The Texas coaching staff sabbatical, in perspective.

Al Bello

The Texas Longhorns placed three players in the NFL draft, all from the 2009 recruiting class. Marquise Goodwin broke the streak of no Longhorn offensive players drafted since 2010. We're still waiting for a Longhorn OL draft pick since 2008.

In 2009, while the Horns were playing for the national title against Alabama on the strength of Colt McCoy and an elite Longhorn defense, Longhorn coaches were in the midst of identifying, recruiting, and developing incoming talent below the likes of:

2013 NFL Draftees

Rutgers - 7

Oklahoma - 6

Texas A&M - 5


North Carolina - 5

Clemson - 4

California - 4

Arkansas - 4

Illinois - 4

And were tied with (peer comparators?)

San Diego State - 3

Mississippi St - 3

NC State - 3

South Florida - 3

If you're of the contrarian mindset that Texas is a better job than Mississippi State, San Diego State, or South Florida for developing NFL talent, then compared to the winning SEC large state schools, the numbers are:

LSU - 9

Alabama - 9

Georgia - 8

Florida - 8

South Carolina - 7

That 2009 Texas Longhorn recruiting class was ranked 5th in the country by Rivals. 24-7 ranked them 6th. Bad development, bad luck, or recruiting services criminally overrating Texas prospects? A little of each?

It doesn't really matter. The bottom line is the same.