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CBS Sports: Rick Barnes needs to recruit harder

The leering press is starting to ask questions about our man in Austin.

Jamie Squire

Texas basketball got a rare moment in the national spotlight on Wednesday, with an article from Jeff Borzello of CBS Sports on what's going on with the Longhorns.

Here's the kicker:

Within the state, SMU and Baylor are doing a better job on the recruiting trail. Shoot, Houston had more hype with its 2012 class. Kentucky is coming into the state and getting five-star players left and right. Oklahoma State has dipped in and nabbed Marcus Smart and Le'Bryan Nash. Duke got Rasheed Sulaimon and Matt Jones.

You might remember reading something about this a few months ago.

Jeff Goodman, another CBS Sports guy and one of the most well-connected reporters in the business, chimed in with a few more thoughts on Twitter that might interest people:

This business about being out-worked on the recruiting trail is the most concerning thing to me. You would think Rick knows where his bread is buttered in terms of his strengths as a coach. I wonder if he just got tired of all the stuff that comes with big-time recruiting.

But, then again, what's his other option? Does Rick think he's going to out-scheme people? Is that the new plan?