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Earl Thomas #66 in 2013 NFL Top 100

DBU graduate Earl Thomas is already one of the league's elite.

Al Bello

Earl Thomas ranked #66 in a recent 2013 Top 100 Players In the NFL countdown. The 2011 and 2012 Pro Bowler repeated his same ranking in the countdown from last season. Earl is one of the most beloved Seahawks on a stout Seattle defense and no Texas fan is likely surprised given that we were able to witness first hand one of the quickest, most instinctive, safeties in Longhorn history.

This is what I wrote about Earl after his freshman year at Texas.

Earl is our best defensive back. He accounted for six turnovers last year (2 ints, 4 ff), 72 tackles, and 17 PBU. He also got better every week. His ability to support the run like a big safety and cover like a corner gives us great flexibility. You can man him up on a slot receiver or let him play center fielder. It's interesting that the safety imagined to be ideal (OU's 6-3 220 Nic Harris) by the media and the actual ideal (Earl) are so divergent.

Can't measure heart, y'all.

The #14 pick in the 2010 draft, the 24 year old Thomas is already a grizzled NFL veteran entering his fourth year in the league. Here's wishing him more years of success.

Proud of you, Earl. Hook 'em!