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Eric Dickerson High School Highlights

From Dickerson's 1977 Texas 2A state championship game.


Continuing with our NFL Hall of Fame RB high school highlight appreciation series, I present Eric Dickerson, the most consistently under-appreciated great back in NFL history. Unlike Barry Sanders, Dickerson didn't fly under the national radar - he was arguably the most hotly recruited high school player in the country in 1977-78. And was paid accordingly.

Dickerson was all smooth economy, elegance, and speed, but never a pure finesse back - he didn't mind dropping a shoulder on a safety. A rare long strider who could make deceptively quick cuts and one of the few tall RBs (6-3, 222) who was could endure the constant blows from knee to upper thigh, perhaps in part because he wore more body armor than Iron Man.

Here's the 7th leading rusher in NFL history in the Texas 2A State Title Game where he rushed for 296 yards and 4 TDS, leading Sealy High to an undefeated 15-0 record. Not quite fair, is it?